My novels

The Rialto Bridge over Venice's Grand Canal.

The Rialto Bridge over Venice’s Grand Canal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WIP #1

My first novel, which is romantic comedy, has working title It’s Not About Venice. It follows the relationship of Gemma and Paul, who are thrown together by circumstance seven years after making a pact to never see or contact each other again in order to save their respective marriages. What follows is a series of misunderstandings, awkward encounters, family struggles, tension and tragedy as they try to adjust to having each other in their lives once more – and keeping their hands to themselves in the process.

The first draft was completed in November 2012 and I’m hoping to edit it into a readable state by the end of 2013.


WIP #2

My next novel has the working title of Caffeinated, though that’s likely to change several times over the next year (as my titles always do). This one follows Rachel, a late-twenties advertising wunderkind who has just landed the job of her dreams at one of the big advertising houses in Madison Avenue, New York. She’s due to leave in three months and is in the process of sorting out her life in the meantime – what she will take with her, who she wants to stay in contact with, etc – and a large part of this is the edict not to get involved with anyone in the meantime. Which is all very well, until Joel moves in to the flat downstairs.

I’m hoping to get a workable draft done for this story in 2013.

6 responses to “My novels

  1. Emily, don’t forget to edit, edit, edit. If you have friends, force them (no, I mean, molly-cuddle them) to read your first draft, then your 2nd draft and so on. If you like, I will read your draft – no strings attached. I love romantic comedies and would love to help. I wish I had help too. I’m writing my sequel and still trying to improve my writing but I love it:) Keep writing. Don’t give up!

    • Thank you! I have a few people lined up to give me feedback once I’m happy with my first draft, but since you offered I may well take you up on that. I really appreciate the offer since like all newbie authors I need all the help I can get. As I said, my deadline is the beginning of August which is fast approaching, so hopefully I’ll have something vaguely readable by then. After that, with editing until I’m happy with it, maybe Christmas is the time I might be sending it out, taking work and family responsibilities into account. But thank you again for the offer – and you may well hear from me later in the year! :)

  2. I agree with Ailson, Emily. I love editing; to me it’s like sculpting and therefore almost as creative as the initial writing. Not to say that my final result is perfect (sadly), but it’s a damn sight better than when I began the process.

  3. Ailson??!..that’s the old ‘editorial blindness at work.

  4. Your novel’s sound interesting. Can’t wait to check them out! I really love the name of the second novel, Caffeinated. It would certainly catch my attention on a bookshelf somewhere:)

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