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Olympic fever


Big Ben&London eye

Big Ben&London eye (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






I feel it would be remiss of me to let the London Olympics go by without a mention on my blog. After all, I live in a sport-obsessed household (of which I am no minor contributor) and there’s something so tribal about dressing up in national regalia, plonking yourself in front of the television and cheering on your country on the sporting field. Or in the sporting pool. Or whatever.


The Olympics mean, in the context of this blog, that very little writing is going to get done over the next fortnight. It is, after all, the greatest show on Earth, and it only comes by every four years so it seems a little wasted to not try to make the most of it. Sure, my team has been a little disappointing so far with some of their results, but that’s also what it’s all about, isn’t it? Seeing someone unexpected come from nowhere and take the prize. I only hope that these unexpected victories are due to hard work rather than anything synthetic, if you know what I mean.

I figure that it’s not worth beating myself up about missing a self-imposed deadline (see this post) if it means missing the Olympics to do so. Sure, I’ve disappointed myself in that regard, but it also occurred to me over the past couple of weeks that it was less than six months ago that I scrapped about 70,000 words that I’d already written, when I decided to restructure the story. So I haven’t been all that idle, really, since then. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself, hahaha.

But yes, the next fortnight will consist of sitting in front of the telly, national flag in hand, watching the highlights. (I’d watch the Olympics live, but my time zone means that about 80% of competition happens when I’m in bed. Sure, I’ll try to get as much live action as I can, but I’m being realistic here.) I’ll be experiencing the highs and the lows, the ecstasy and the disappointments, the pride of hearing the national anthem being played and seeing our athletes tearing up as they sing along. I’ll be watching sports that I only generally see every four years (European handball, anyone?), cheering people I’ve never heard of and watching as the superstars either justify the hype or crumble beneath its weight. And I’ll be loving every minute.

Writing? What’s that? For the next fortnight, at least, I’m afraid that I’ll be doing very little. And I don’t mind a bit.

Oh, and go Australia!!!  :)


Disclaimer: I have no association with the International Olympic Committee, any national Olympic Committee, or any of the sponsor partners of the 2012 London Games or any other Olympic Games. All views portrayed are strictly my own.






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