About me

Emily Wheeler

Hi! I’m Emily Wheeler. I’m probably best described a general hack who rediscovered her love of writing as a method of staying sane while housebound and in desperate need of adult company after the birth of her first child. Fast-forward a few years and my imaginary friends are still going strong. I don’t bite (much), so feel free to drop by and say hello.

When I write , I tends toward romantic comedy – think Marian Keyes, Monica McInerney and Jill Mansell.

Wait – did I say sane? I may need to reconsider that.:)

10 responses to “About me

  1. ahmrita natural mental health

    Hi Emily, here we meet again:) I joined the Australian Writer’s Forum and came across your blog there

  2. Hi Emily,

    Twitter and wordpress make fast friends:) Glad to meet you and find your blog very informative:)

  3. fictionlibrary

    HI Emily, very informative blog! Nice review of the book!

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  5. Hello! I have nominated you for The Super Sweet Blogger Award! To see rules on my blog go here: http://easterellen.com/2013/05/06/i-am-sooooo-happily-honoured-to-receive-a-nomination/

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