New year’s resolutions

English: Two New Year's Resolutions postcards

English: Two New Year’s Resolutions postcards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy new year! *clicks champagne glasses*

I hope you all had a great holiday season, whatever it meant to you, and that you and your family all made it through to the other side intact and in the same number of pieces in which you started it.:)

In honour of the new year, today I’m going to talk about new year’s resolutions.

You know, I’m not normally a resolution type of girl. I don’t see much point in making decisions to change my life just because the calendar has ticked over to a new day, nor waiting for such a time to implement any changes. If I want to do something, I just do it, rather than waiting till the next January. In addition, the normal kinds of new year’s resolutions – giving up smoking, cutting down on drinking, losing weight – don’t really work for someone who doesn’t smoke, barely drinks and is probably technically underweight as it is.

This year, though, I’m making some, and they’re all writing related. Why? Well, it’s not because it’s suddenly 2013 and my life has started flashing before my eyes, or because I have a sudden recognition of my own mortality. No, it’s more because I’ve been at home these last two weeks and had time to think about where I want to be this time next year. So, without further ado, here they are (in no particular order):

  1. Get novel #1 edited to a point where I’m happy with it, and send it out to my trusty beta readers.
  2. Write the bulk of novel #2. I had the plot bunny for it suddenly attack me late last year, so I’ve written out a bunch of notes that just need to be put in some kind of order and fleshed out. If I can get the first draft done that will be incredible, but I’m not holding my breath.
  3. Get better at answering comments on my blog. If you’re taking the trouble to comment on it, then the least I can do is acknowledge that, right?
  4. In that vein, get better at commenting on other people’s blogs. I read them, but it’s normally on my phone and I have a really bad habit of not getting around to getting on my computer and actually writing out a comment. I’ll try to improve on that this year.
  5. Keep up to date with my reviewing and remember to cross-post reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. Again, it’s a bad habit I have of forgetting to do it and then I get to the point I’m at now of having about a dozen that need to be done. *adds it to her to-do list*
  6. Try to be more active on social media. It’s my own fault – for example, I have three Twitter accounts, all for different purposes, and in trying to keep up with them all I tend to keep up with none. But if I’m going to be professional about this writing thing then I probably need to have a bit more of a profile and really work on that. I’m not sure how hard I’m going to work at it this year (the full-on thing isn’t going to happen, for instance), but just making a point of paying more attention and posting more often isn’t a bad idea, right?
  7. Do more guest posts for other blogs, and participate in things like the Third Sunday Blog Carnival. I’ve been meaning to do it for months but just never got around to it. Better now than never, I figure.:)

So, those are my resolutions for 2013. The idea is that if I put them out in the open like this, rather than just on a piece of paper stuck to my fridge door, then I’m more likely to keep to them. (Though the fridge door isn’t a bad idea either, in that it will be something I see every day.) And if I look like lagging behind in anything, then feel free to beat me about the head a little bit. I’m not averse to a little encouragement if I’m going astray.

What about you? Are you doing resolutions for the new year, or just plodding on as usual without worrying about it? What works best for you? I’d love to hear about it.:)


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8 responses to “New year’s resolutions

  1. It’s almost as if I wrote your list! In general I plan to take more risks instead of making excuses. I’m asking others to read my book and send me a blurb to use for a new back cover – including some major best selling authors like Erica Spindler, J T Ellison and more!

    Last year was a jumble filled with excuses, now I’m not taking chances and trying to get myself out there. Including, as you say, posting on other peoples blogs more regularly and not finding an excuse of no time to get in my way.

    Thanks for reading this one,

    Sarah Butland
    author of Arm Farm, Sending You Sammy and Brain Tales – Volume One

    • You know, that’s a really good way of putting it – taking more risks. Maybe I should look at it like that as well. Best of luck with the blurb, because it takes guts to do something like that … but then again, if you don’t ask you don’t get, do you? The worst that will happen is they’ll say no, and then you’re in the same situation you’re in now.😀 Thanks for the comment!

  2. That’s a good list. Good luck with it! I share your mild(?) cynicism about ‘new year’s resolutions’ per se, but if you think of it as a plan/project for the immediate future, it makes sense—especially if you follow through and manage it like a project!

    Yes, I can make anything difficult.

    • Thank you! I thought it was a good list – not too onerous, yet one that I can be proud of if I achieve it all. And yes, a mild cynicism about new year’s resolutions, but hey, if my resolution just happens to coincide with the calendar ticking over, why not make the most of it?:)

  3. Hi, Emily! Your #4 is on my list as well, hence this visit.😉 I wish you a successful 2013.

    • Good for you! That’s awesome. I must go and do the same. I’m figuring that if I do at least one comment per week I’m going okay (and doing better than I was last year). Thanks for dropping by!:)

  4. In the past I’ve gotten better at commenting in other’s blog and tending to my own, but twitter… it makes me tremble just to think about it. I already devote (waste) too many hours on Facebook, forget about twitter… But you are a brave writer to have THREE acc. Hat’s off to you.

    Best of luck!

    • You know, I’m the opposite and spend more time on Twitter, especially since my mobile phone Facebook app stopped letting me post from it. (I can comment, but not post. It’s really annoying.) But my social media behaviour probably let me down last year so it’s definitely something I can improve on. And hey, one tweet per day minimum isn’t going to kill me, is it?😀 Thanks for the comment!

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